The five best Netflix original tv shows (2016-2017): Stranger things is number two


Stranger things is without any doubt the tv show about adventures and mystery that makes our summer a bit better by watching Netflix. Unlike the OA, the drama and mystery of Stranger things are more fun because of its fantasy aspects about the upside down and connection to the main character’s favorite arcade game. Stranger things tells the story of the disappearance of Joyce’s 12 year old son, Will within a small Indiana town in 1983. After he goes missing, a terrifying investigation begins for the mother and friends attempting to rescue Will. During the adventures, they will find series of extraordinary mysteries connected to a secret government project and discover a strange little girl unknown in the town. Beside the greatness of the plot, The cast of Stranger Things are lovely and unique. Millie Bobby Brown as Eleven steals the show and you will fall in love with every single characters even the smallest ones.


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