The five best Netflix original TV shows (2016-2017): Iron Fist is Number five


Despite numerous criticisms and mixed reviews, Iron Fist is surely considered as another great addition to the library of Netflix Original TV shows. The plot and cinematography of the show presents a complex Danny Rand (Finn Jones) struggling to readapt to the lifestyle of the Big Apple while he is confronting to his path as the legendary warrior of Kun’lun “Iron Fist”. The show starts slowly but it is getting better from episodes to episodes. It is very important to properly build main and lead characters; and Iron Fist did a great job in this direction. Colleen Wing (Jessica Henwick) A.K.A the daughter of dragon is a great addition to the  marvel cinematic universe. The Meachum family as antagonist of the show is complex and outstanding especially Joy and Harold Meachum. The audience will always doubt and question the real intentions of the antagonists, which give to the show an exciting plot twist. Overall, Iron Fist is a good show but not bad as it is deflected. Some cons we may notice are the bad editing of some fight scenes and lack of back story presented in the season especially about the past of Danny Rand in Kun’lun.


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