Logan: Review (Spoilers)

Synopsis: In the near future, Logan watches over his friend Professor Xavier in a hidden place on the Mexican border. But Logan will soon leave his retirement to help a young mutant tracked down by dangerous individuals.

Let’s just be straight to the point. Logan is the perfect movie to end the trilogy of the iconic X-men Wolverine. Fox came with the first one ” X-men origins: Wolverine” and has been slammed by critics. The second movie ” The wolverine” presented a continuity with an original and unique plot happening in a enigmatic place and cinematography of Japan. The sequel has been received with mixed reviews but with Logan, Fox and Hugh Jackman have definitely placed the high bar for superhero movie genre this year of 2017. We can finally now say the story of Wolverine in the X-men universe is complete and beautifully portrayed from the beginning to the end.

Beautiful ending..

logan picture 2

Let’s start first by the plot of this movie. There is a real intrigue and something different and darker when you see at the beginning the old man Logan (Hugh Jackman) who is now a limousine driver. The tone is more serious, darker and emblematic to the violence and origins of the famous Mutant. There is less fantasy, more actions,violence than its predecessor and Logan has opted to tackle serious issues within the direction of the movie such as human trafficking, immigration and even corruption. Fox seems to have learned from their previous X-men movies and delivered a more serious Logan facing his real fears, challenges and we love it. Logan is not only a perfect ending for Wolverine trilogy, but it is also a good movie to introduce a new generation of mutants and expand the X-men universe.

Laura (Dafne Keen) is amazing in this movie. She clearly steals the shows to Hugh Jackman despite his astounding performance. The actor perfectly illustrated the old and lost character in the future whey every mutants seem to not be in this world anymore.  Vulnerable but still agile and aggressive, Hugh Jackman has presented to us a wolverine with a different angle. We still perceive the rage and anger in his eyes but we also notice how the battle with his inner demons is another major point of this movie. The connection he has with professor Xavier (Patrick Stewart) is still alive. Patrick Stewart shines playing the old suffering and retired professor of mutant and the audience will have a little twinge to see him die in the middle of movie killed by X-24 during his redemption. However, it is specifically Dafne Keen who put a fresh air within the movie and X-men universe. The little girl proves us how badass she can be in her first role into large screen without even say a word between the first and second act of the film. She impersonates very well the struggle of the little girl lost in the big world and who is ready to do anything to attain her objective and freedom she seeks. Logan is a beautiful story that happens in the world where some people are still questioning about the purpose of life and how to redeem themselves. The only characters who were average were the antagonist Pierce (Boyd Holbrook) but the script and screenplay of his character gave him justice, which is a good addition to the dark tone of the film. The death of Logan is quite symbolic because he has been killed by his own clone X-24. X-24 represents everything that makes Wolverine stronger and powerful and see him die by what makes him stronger and powerful in a different figure is metaphoric.

Logan beautifully achieves the trilogy of Wolverine in the X-men universe. You will laugh, you will cry and you will be thrilled for sure by the enormous scenes and powerful moments this film deliver to us in large screen for a superhero movie genre.

Score: 94%



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