Sausage Party: Review (Spoilers)

Synopsis:In the world of a supermarket named ” Shopwells”, a sausage named Frank (Seth Rogen) leads a group of supermarket products, including his hotdog bun girlfriend (Kristen Wiig) and fellow sausages Barry (Michael Cera) and Carl (Jonah Hill), to the great beyond: home with humans. However, they soon discover that everything is different in the world outside of the grocery store. Rather than co-existing in harmony with humans, they’re being slaughtered and eaten by them! Now Frank and his friends must warn their edible comrades of this terrible truth and fight against the eventual genocide of foodkind as they know it.

At the end of this summer 2016, we assist to a different genre of animation and i can tell for sure it is a “Hit”. Sausage party is a funny and sarcastic Rated R animated movie, in which the adults of 20’s and 30’s find themselves among the wave of jokes surrounded by this film. racist and sexist jokes, cursing words and personification of history and society’s topics, Sausage party will drive you within hilarious grocery store world and you will never see your food products in a same way (or maybe it is already happened that you see them in a different way…)

Horribly Fun

sausage party

It seems the animated movies have decided to attack serious matter ( Racism, Religion, Stereotypes…) in their plot and that is reasonably understandable and great. For mature audiences, Sausage party is a best way for the viewers who wants to enjoy the magic of animation without being invaded by the fairytale atmosphere, because it is quite the opposite. The movie made an awesome job to create sympathy towards some characters like Barry (Michael Cera) who is made differently than others and learn how to use his handicap as a strength. The plot of Sausage party explores the world that we know in a different aspect, but quite similar in which we live. The question about our differences, conflicts and beliefs are addressed in the movie and how every characters such as Frank ( Seth Rogen) and his bun (Kristen Wiig) have decided to deal with these existential questions that sometimes ruled our world. Sausage party has demonstrated that despite our differences of values, opinions and ideas, there is a place for everybody in this world. It also in favor of diversity and show how the little role of every characters is important if they decide to work together as a united food products against a common issue.

The plot of conspiracy about the great beyond has been greatly illustrated. It shows how sometimes in our world, those who are above us and possess great powers may decide to hide the truth and blind a whole population about a serious social issue. Sausage Party is great but it is a bit far away from the horror images we can perceive in the red band trailer. The comic scenes, cursing words and sexists jokes since the beginning of the movie have clearly softened the perception of a comedy-horror animated movie despite the extended violent scenes in the kitchen with the death of Carl (Jonah Hill). However, the plot did not lose itself by addressing its message behind the animated product foods and you will like it. The development of the story is awesomely presented and detailed. The environment of Shopwells supermarket and the story of these characters will make the audiences laugh and enjoy the movie until the end.

Sausage party succeeded at his challenge of producing a rated R animated movie. The idea of animated food products characters may have been a source of inspiration, but it is wonderfully produced by sony entertainment.

Score: 86%




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